Video Demo Reel

Demo Reel Project & Credit list




"SIGNS" animation composite. Neon style letters created in Photoshop and placed on brick background with animated lights and colored smoke added in Final Cut Pro X.


"THANKS" animation sourced from @DanStevers and modified for a service closer for a live-stream branding package


"MERREL MQM FLEX" animation created as a product demo for Wolverine Worldwide. Image color grading in Adobe Photoshop with animation in Adobe After Effects.


"WELCOME" animation sourced from @DanStevers and modified for a live-stream branding package.


"NSPIRE at HOME" from a series of videos created using iPhone footage sent in from individuals during the pandemic stay at home orders. Edited in Final Cut Pro X with title work done in Apple Motion.


"CHRISTMAS at HOME" footage from a special 2020 Christmas video production our creative team worked together on . All footage was filmed in-house and shared among several editors. Source footage shown by @ShawnDavis with final post-production by @ShawnDavis and @BradRuggles


"SCARED TO DEATH" series animation bumper. Series content sourced from @NorthPointMedia with imaged editing in Adobe Photoshop and animation and video editing in Final Cut Pro X.


"GREETINGS FROM 2020" branding for message series at NSPIRE utilizing source content from @NorthPointMedia


"EASTER" branding for Easter at NSPIRE including bump video and social media promotional videos


"ELEMENTS" animation compositing for NSPIRE message series


"LIVE STREAM BUMPER" video footage from NSPIRE's 2020 Live streaming bumper


"DRONE FOOTAGE" shot by me with color grading and post-production in Final Cut Pro X


"PRESENTATION ANIMATION" featuring original isometric artwork created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop with presentation slides and animation created in Apple Keynote


"BE SPECTACULAR" original animation created in Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro


"TRUCK OR TREAT" highlight video from the 2019 Westfield Truck or Treat featuring original drone footage captured by me along with additional camera footage by @ShawnDavis. Color grading and post-production in Final Cut Pro X.

2020 Video Demo Reel

This is a highlight reel of original footage or motion graphics I have created. It features a variety of projects and media platforms. All software used and additional collaborators  listed in the credit list.