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Every good superhero has their portfolio of strengths and weaknesses (one of mine is tiramisu…shh!). The skills I listed here are the ones I use most frequently but it’s by no means an exhaustive list. Probably one of my greatest strengths is my ability to find some new software or a new piece of technology and, like Neo in the Matrix, immerse myself in it for a day or two until I emerge with a decent workable knowledge of what I was studying (“I know kung fu”).

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe CC Suite
Digital Photography
Live Streaming
Final Cut Pro X





  • Provided leadership development and direction for the creative team of staff, freelancers, and volunteers
  • Principal CREATIVE  LEAD for all aspects of the weekend experience including series graphics, video production, live-streaming, and social media engagement.
  • Built a robust multi-camera, multi-platform LIVE STREAMING SYSTEM from the ground up using Blackmagic video switchers running on a custom-built vMix studio computer.
  • Developed and fostered a strong ONLINE COMMUNITY through weekly live stream shows that integrated live comments from various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • SPOKE WEEKLY in front of an audience of 225+ and provided leadership to staff and volunteer teams responsible for service production.
  • Designed 2-3 annual DIRECT MAIL pieces (over 145k pieces in mailboxes) and social media campaigns resulting in 5-12% growth per campaign
  • Oversaw a $300k+ annual operating budget and coordinated a $290k capital campaign and facility build-out.

places I've rocked my skills

I’ve been fortunate to put my skills to good use all over the place – from the thriving metropolis of Fort Wayne (that’s a joke…sorry Fort Wayne peeps) all the way to Nairobi, Kenya. I’ve worked with some incredibly talented and creative people in some pretty awesome companies.



FREELANCE web/graphic designer


  • Founded Ruggles Creative – a graphic design and new media consulting firm specializing in web, print and video production.
  • Worked with COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL, one of the world’s leading child sponsorship organizations, on a variety of projects including Bite Back (a malaria-focused web campaign) and (a live-streaming benefit concert for the Haiti Earthquake). Traveled to Kenya in 2010 as part of the Compassion Bloggers Tour.
  • Hired by KLIPSCH to serve as front-end designer for several of their product line web sites including the Energy, Mirage, and Jamo brands under the Klipsch family of products. Interfaced with their Online Marketing Team to create wireframes for all the product line sites and launch them on schedule.
  • Designed a personal web site for GEORGE BARNA, founder of the Barna Group and best-selling author of more than 50 books. Coordinated with a marketing strategy company to create a compelling author site and blog reflective of the Barna’s influence in the research world.
  • Worked with CENTRICITY MUSIC, a Christian record label in Franklin, Tennessee, to create a new web site design to highlight their growing roster of artists and  help them launch an ecommerce platform. This led to other connections within the music industry including the creation of a web site for CCM recording artist Shaun Groves.





  • Served on the leadership team, provided vision to the creative team and strategic direction for weekend services.
  • Oversaw the creative direction of the weekend services and special events including message series development, graphics and video, website management, and social media from concept development through productionKept the Creative Team continually engaged in producing excellent results while staying ON SCHEDULE and WITHIN BUDGET
  • Handled STAFF EVALUATIONS and administration for the Creative Department
  • Oversaw RE-BRANDING and collateral for the church’s Easter program which drew over 10,000 people annually including the development of a custom E-COMMERCE TICKET WEB SITE for the event
  • Provided leadership and mentoring to the VIDEO PRODUCTION TEAM for live video switching and recording of services and events
  • Managed OUTSIDE VENDORS and printers, obtained price quotes and managed promotional campaigns for the church

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These fine folks will vouch for me too!

"Brad is a master communicator, whether it's inspiring a group of people through public speaking or communicating a message through a digital image or website. Brad has mad skills when it comes to design, and has the skills to create just about anything. I'm not worthy!"

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Curtis Honeycut Communications Director, Nickel Plate Arts

Brad has completed several projects for my business over the past several years and every time I am completely amazed by the superior quality and innovation that is put into every detail. The forethought and creativity that he puts into every aspect of the process, is truly unrivaled. The communication and flow of each project was flawless throughout.

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Dan Carney Owner, Landscape Collective

“I’ve used Brad’s design skills for both non-profit work and my personal fitness business. From creation through production, I can’t think of a time I’ve ever had to ask him to redo something or go a different direction. It’s just always spot on and exactly what we were looking for.”

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Clay Stevens Owner, CrossFit BBZ
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